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We can pack or unpack for your move. Since we are professional organizers, you will notice a much more precise, organized pack. When we unpack, we can help you proactively plan and put away your belongings in your new home.
We use professional packing techniques and materials, at about half the cost of our packing competitors (see below). We can keep our costs down because we have a limited service area, and because we only pack- we don't move your items.

 We can come in and do a careful evaluation of what you want done. You will receive a written estimate detailing the work to be done, the amount of packing materials that will be necessary, and how much time we think your job will take.

We do not charge a mark up for our moving supplies. You pay only what we pay for boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. If you are working with a limited budget, we can get used boxes for part or all of your move.

You can also have peace of mind with Clutter Cutter's insurance and our breakage guarantee.  if we were to break something, we promise to pay the value of the item or $100, whichever is less. If the item is worth more than $100, you are covered by our business liability insurance from American Family Insurance.

Here's a few details about how we pack:

How we pack

Plates and Saucers: we wrap each piece separately in unprinted newspaper and place them in packing boxes, standing on the edge.
Bowls: we wrap all bowls individually, then stack 2-6 together, wrap again and place them standing on edge in the packing boxes.
Cups and Glassware: we wrap the cup handles in paper, then wrap the entire cup, and place them in packing boxes with all handles pointing in the same direction. Each glass is wrapped individually and placed upside down in the packing boxes.
Stemware: we pack each glass with paper, wrap it individually, and stand it on its rim in the box.
Books: We place the books standing on bottom edges in the box, alternating the spines.
Clothing: we use wardrobe boxes for clothes that are hung. Other clothing can be folded and packed in linen boxes.
Lamps and Lampshades: We remove shades and bulbs, wrap lamps in layers of paper and place in them in a box on their base. We wrap lampshades lightly in paper, neatly nest one inside the other and pack them in a separate box.
Electronic Equipment: We wrap these items heavily in bubble wrap and will place it in a box. Cords are wrapped separately.
Paintings and Mirrors: We use picture boxes for each piece and add bubble wrap for extra protection.

Here's some other information that may be helpful to you:

Estimate of time needed to pack a house

Apartment or House Size in Sq. Ft

Packing hours for 2 people

Packing hours for 3 people

Packing hours for 4 people

Packing hours for 5 people

Packing hours for 6 people

Under 1,000 Sq. Ft.

4 – 6 Hours

3 – 4 hours

2 – 3 Hours



1,000-1,500 Sq. Ft.

7 – 12 Hours

5 – 10 Hours

4 – 6 Hours

3 – 4 Hours


1,500-2,000 Sq. Ft.

13 – 16 Hours

10 – 14 Hours

7 – 9 Hours

5 – 7 Hours

4 – 5 Hours

2,000-2,500 Sq. Ft.

17 – 20 Hours

12 – 18 Hours

9 – 12 Hours

7 – 10 Hours

5 – 7 Hours

2,500-3,000 Sq. Ft.

21 - 25 Hours

18 – 23 Hours

11 – 14 Hours

9 – 12 Hours

7 – 9 Hours

3,000-3,500 Sq. Ft.

26 - 29 Hours

22 – 27 Hours

14 – 17 Hours

12 – 15 Hours

9 – 12 Hours

3,500-4,000 Sq. Ft.

30 - 35 Hours

28 – 33 Hours

17 – 19 Hours

15 – 17 Hours

10 – 14 Hours

Over 4,000 Sq. Ft.

36 - 40 Hours

33 – 36 Hours

19 – 22 Hours

17 – 20 Hours

12 – 16 Hours

We will probably pack faster than this, but we prefer to give you a conservative estimate to start with.

Estimate of number of boxes needed
for packing a house:

Small Studio = 10-15 boxes
Medium Studio = 15-20 boxes
Large Studio = 20-25 boxes
Small 1 Bedroom Apt. = 10-20 boxes
Medium 1 Bedroom Apt. = 20-30 boxes
Large 1 Bedroom with Children = 40-60 boxes
Small 2 Bedroom Apt. = 40-55 boxes
Medium 2 Bedroom Apt. = 55-60 boxes
2 Bedroom (3-5 Years) with Children = 50-70 boxes
2 Bedroom (5-7 Years) with Children = 70-80 boxes
3 Bedroom Home with Children = 80-100 boxes
4 Bedroom Home with Children = 100-200 boxes

Competitor's Pricing (for packing only, as of 2013)

White Glove Movers: $47-$48 per person per hour plus cost of materials

Allied Movers: $50 per person per hour for 4 hours and then $40 per person per hour, plus cost of materials.

Two Men and a Truck: $49.50 per person per hour plus cost of materials.

Our cost: $30 per person per hour plus cost of materials. We do not mark up the cost of our packing supplies. You pay what we pay. 

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