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"I have loved your service! Your last team were really good."


April 24, 2018

"Thank you so much for all your hard work."


March 14, 2018

"Heard about this company from a friend. Felt taken care of from the time I reached out to the completion of the job. Susan and her team were so accommodating and easy to work with. They helped me organize 2 storage units."


March 14, 2018

"You guys were an awesome help. Thank you!"


March 9, 2018

"Susan and Bruce were fantastic to work with. They really know their stuff when it comes to the most efficient way to pack. I liked working with them so much that I hired them to unpack/organize at my new place. Bruce gave me some great organizing tips and helped me to realize I've been a needless packrat. I feel so much better after he set me straight with some bad habits I've developed over the years and now I'm clean, organized and only have what is necessary in my kitchen. I will most certainly hire Clutter Cutters, should the need arise in the future."

March 8, 2018

Thank you so much for fitting me in before Christmas. Your team was wonderful and I couldn't be happier.”

January 2018

"I am so grateful to Susan of Clutter Cutters and her team, Faith, Elsie, Ryan, & Bruce. I was drowning in mountains of stuff and now my home is so awesome, I feel like I can breathe for the first time in 2 years. I Love These Guys!"

December 2017

"I hired Clutter Cutters for a client of mine. It was a very last minute decision to hire them and Susan was very flexible with the schedule. The packers who helped worked very hard and were very pleasant. My client has informed me that she will hire them again. I highly recommend them."

Pauline V.
November 2017 THRILLED with all the organizing....oh my, there is hope, and I am going to sleep better knowing we're back on track. Thank you. I actually am inspired to pitch-in....wonders never cease.”

October, 2017

The pictures for the sale look fantastic -- you and your team have far exceeded my expectations.”

August 2017

Thanks for all your help.”

July 2017

The Dark Horse of SLC Moving

"I found Thumbtack by accident when looking for packing quotes for an international move, I received a few quotes and went with another company. Long story short, that other company screwed me over big time and I scrambled to find someone to help me pack my townhome with two days notice. Susan's warmth in her e-mail was what encouraged me to give Clutter Cutters a call. She answered the phone immediately and after a brief conversation of my needs happily scheduled a time on a weekend to come pack my townhome. I had a wide range of items from a TV, dishware, items with sentimental value, and even clothing. Susan and her team arrived promptly with all the packing supplies requested. They were so accommodating as I was still pulling items out of closets as they began work. They catered to every customized request with enthusiasm and professionalism. They were so friendly, and the inventories they provided on the boxes made filling out custom forms a breeze. When we got to the end of the packing process we chatted a bit and they offered solutions to many problems I was still facing with my move, including donating my leftover items and some shipping challenges. They pointed me to some people they had used in the past, and when I called them, they matched Clutter Cutters enthusiasm and passion to meet my needs as a client.

Clutter Cutters may not be the largest operation in Salt Lake or show up at the top of your Thumbtack search, but I promise you: Clutter Cutters is the best value for the job, and the team can't be beat. Skip the big guy, I know I'm glad I did! Thanks Susan and Team Clutter Cutters!"

March, 2017

"Susan and her helpers have been extremely professional, kind and caring about my property. I highly recommend her crew to anyone. Even though the job is not completed yet, she is very honest about the hours worked so far."

February, 2017

Susan is great, she spent one day wit me and got the boxes in my basement organized and those that belonged in my bedroom brought upstairs, She then tackled my closet and bathroom. Everything looks great. While we were doing the upstairs, Bruce cleaned by China Cabinet and unpacked my china and put it in the China cabinet. Susan and her team are great. I would recommend them to anyone.”

January 2017

"Susan from Clutter Cutters did a great job with my closets. She has a very effective, systematic approach to organizing. I found her very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. Anyone would benefit from this kind of service."

April, 2016

Clutter Cutters helped us set up and manage an estate sale for my parents' things. Susan was amazing! She knew exactly what to do, what to put where, how much to charge and how to run the sale. Once the sale started, Susan never stopped sorting, organizing and reorganizing while still helping sell items. We could not have had the sale without her! I highly recommend clutter cutters!”

February, 2016

"I hired clutter cutters at first to unpack my house after I moved and had no time to unpack. They did such an amazing job organizing everything and putting my things in places that made sense. They also labeled everything - which I LOVED! Susan was also great when I couldn't find something in the weeks after at answering my texts and emails promptly and I was amazed that she could remember exactly where they had put things!

Fast forward to a few months later and I decided to move out of state - and needed my entire apartment packed (and I have a TON of stuff - no exaggeration). I had them pack it when I was out of town and when I came back I was AMAZED. I expected it to be great based on my previous experience with them - but this went above and beyond. Each box was not only labeled with the room it came out of - but it had a number and a brief description of what was in the box that corresponded to a master list they had left for me. This was especially helpful considering I needed my drill that night for some shelves and all I had to do was look at the list and find the box it was in and voila! Took me two seconds.

Not only was it organized and clear - but when I opened the boxes at my new home - nothing broke! And I had a lot of glass and breakables. Considering the moving company who loaded the truck broke my bookcases and my favorite chair - I was really worries my boxed stuff would be smashed - but everything was intact - And the labels made it easy to put the boxes in the right room and find what I needed immediately.

I cannot recommend Susan and the Clutter Cutters team more."

December 2015

"They were wonderful! Thank you!"

November 2015

"Such a pleasure to reccommend Susan. She is a hardworking, dedicated professional with teriffic communication abilities and organizational skills. We hired her company last season to help us sort and organize, and we plan on hiring her back again soon to help us sort, pack and move our operation across town to our new location. She is a dynamo and there's no one more cabable and qualified in her field!"

October, 2015

"Clutter Cutters did an excellent job helping me declutter my one bedroom apartment. I moved from a 3 bedroom & just didn't have enough room for everything. Now I can function with boxes less stuff."

October 2015

"Susan from Clutter Cutters came 6 days to help me with various projects like my craft room, kitchen pantry, bedroom closet, bathroom closet, and storage rooms in my basement. We were in a disorganized cluttered state. Susan knew what she was doing from start to finish. She came in and gave me ideas of how to better use my space- like adding shelves or hooks or shoe organizers. She helped me use unused space to make my used space more tidy. She did a fantastic job from start to finish. She was well worth every penny. She didn't judge me or make me feel like a slob. I would recommend her to a friend. I am so happy with my house right now!"

September, 2015

"Susan arrived on time and with two of her people were ready to go. I pointed out the areas of my basement I wanted to sort and purge and they took it from there. Because I have a hard time running up and down stairs, they brought the stuff to me. Susan waited as I went through each box and as I decided what to do with it, she took care of it. Susan did not push me to get rid of stuff, but was very encouraging when I did let stuff go. For me she exactly the cheerleader I needed. Susan and here team labeled the stuff left, swept and vacuum. They then took the stuff I had let go and dropped it off for donation. Susan even mailed me the donation slip with a basic list of items donated. These guys are worth the money!"

June, 2015

"I hired them for 2 jobs and they were on time, proffesional but very personable. They exceeded my needs and expectations with both jobs. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. The job was to help me unpack after a move. I needed the help due to a physical disability. They had great ideas and cleaned up everything when they left. You will be hard pressed to do find better."
June, 2015

"So pleased! We organized so much more than I thought we'd be able to and now my house is pretty much awesome! I'm not too messy/disorganized of a person anyway but we were still able to do so much more than I expected, plus I learned a lot. Yay for a job well done! It was well worth the money!"
May, 2015

I would like to let everyone know I used “Clutter Cutters” for the first time to help unpack boxes for our move from Atlanta, GA to Salt Lake. I was amazed how quickly they worked to organize our home. I was so surprised about the outcome I had to write a letter to compliment them. What great workers, friendly people and it made me feel better about my home. They were worth every cent. Thank you so much.“

March, 2015

"Clutter Cutters is fabulous! They were prompt, professional, extremely efficient and above all, honest and trustworthy. I was desperate for help in clearing out an inherited 2,500 sq. ft. home overflowing with all sorts of things. Over the course of a week, they were extremely professional arriving on time every day, staying until the mutually agreed upon goals of the day were met. Items were effectively sorted into keep, donate and trash. All items to donate and trash were removed from the home the day they were boxed/bagged. I highly recommend their services and will be hiring them again myself for another related project in the very near future. Thank you Clutter Cutters!"

Sandi J.
Salt Lake City
February, 2015

"Clutter Cutters were a time saver and worth every penny- professional, they listened to my goals and even stayed under budget. They made a nightmare task into a piece of cake and I will forever be grateful for their talent."


February, 2015

"Bruce did a phenomenal job! Thanks so much!"

January, 2015

"I am 100% THRILLED with the wonderful job Susan did with organizing my basement, craft room & garage! She is great at keeping to the task at hand and focusing on every detail until the job is done! She has an excellent system that works! She allowed me to do what I needed to do with each item- never forcing anything to be thrown out or donated. Every decision was mine! I am so pleased with the results and feel I can start the new year off right! (And now I have everything set aside & organized for an awesome yard sale in the spring!) Thank you so much! I highly recommend Clutter Cutters!!

December, 2014

"Hi Clutter Cutters-Thank you for the wonderful job! The kids love it and we could not be happier. I think the before and after pictures speak for themselves. Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime."

P&P, Park City
December, 2014

"Susan and her Clutter Cutters staff were very great to work with. Susan is great at staying focused and on task. I found it very helpful that she didn't ever push to get rid of stuff or to throw stuff out. She just organized everything and asked my opinion on whether or not to donate/throw it away. Clutter Cutters were a life saver on getting me prepared to move out of state."

December 2014

"Clutter Cutters was very thorough, thoughtful about my mothers stuff and completely trustworthy."

November, 2014

 Wonderful work Susan!  I can't believe how organized the garage is.... Wow.  So happy we found you.”

November, 2014

Thanks so much for all your hard work!”

November, 2014

They turned a disaster of a garage into a delight (at least as delightful as a garage can be). I highly recommend!”

September, 2014

You guys are so hard working and thorough. Thank you for saving me and getting me ready for my move. You were truly a blessing from above!!!! AWESOME!!!!”

August, 2014

"Clutter Cutters are the best thing to come along since the I Phone. They were able to clean, organize and rearrange a large walk in closet that was absolute chaos. This was done with knowledge, patience, and a sense of humor and good naturedness. I will hire them again to reach and organize other areas of our home without hesitation."

August, 2014

Susan is a real pro! She and her partner transformed a garage full of chaos into an organized display for my garage sale. They picked up rented tables for me and gave me lots of great advice as well. I got many, many compliments about the organization on the day of the sale, and earned three times the amount I spent on their services! Susan is friendly, flexible and a true professional. I could not be more pleased!!! My highest recommendation!!!! (I wish I had pictures, but was too crazy busy to remember to take them!)”

August, 2014

"Thanks for all you have done for me...I hope u do a terrific business because you are terrific! You not only changed my room, but de-cluttered me!"

July, 2014

"Thanks for the help with this project. I love the outcome."

July, 2014

I can't say enough about the job Susan and her crew did. She was very flexible with my times and dates as moving trucks don't always arrive on time. She was well staffed. Everyone worked incredibly hard. They went over and above...even helping stage things.”

July, 2014

I showed my husband the Garage….and he was impressed with all you accomplished in one session !! I will pass your Services on to anyone I know, Thanks again, to you & your crew!"

June, 2014

Susan with Clutter Cutters is wonderful and I would highly recommend her for any project that you need done. She cleaned and organized the work shed at our home and I am still marveling in how wonderful it looks. I can actually walk around out there now and find everything that I need.Clutter Cutters is very reasonably priced, professional, honest and great to work with. I will use Susan again in the future as needed. I have shown the before and after pictures to several people and they all were very impressed with how great it looks. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

June, 2014

"Clutter Cutters is awesome and affordable! Susan is wonderful to work with and she has a great system that helped me organize several areas of my home. I'm very pleased and can definitely recommend her services to anyone!"

May, 2014

"Susan and her Clutter Cutter crew were efficient and pleasant. I'd recommend them and if the need arises ever again we'll call her."

April, 2014

"I would recommend Clutter Cutters to anyone. They were super professional and very affordable. They also got the job done just how I needed it to be done in the time they said they would/could. My apartment was a mess and I had a new baby and was very stressed. They went through my stuff and organized it so I knew what I had and where it was. It took so much stress off of me. I'm very happy with their service and would certainly call them again!"

February, 2014

"Great job by you and the team!"

February, 2014

"The Clutter Cutters were great to work with and helped us get so much done! Thank You!"

February, 2014

"Excellent organizational work. Thanks so much!"

January, 2014

"Wow! I'm so relieved & grateful for the Quick, efficient, Amazing & inexpensive work taken off my hands. I highly invite anyone feeling overwhelmed who wants a job well done to call Clutter Cutters. They are fantastic & well worth the cost. Cut my time in 3rds! Thank you for your services."

December, 2013

"We needed help immediately and they came right away. We had no organization and they accomplished a tremendous amount."

November, 2013

"They got a lot done. Very nice and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone."

November, 2013

"They are very helpful and do a great job. Thanks for the wonderful service."

November, 2013

"I knew I needed help, so I called Clutter Cutters. It was scary at first, to have strangers looking at my mess, but as they worked I began to feel more comfortable. Susan and her helpers were always friendly, professional, and non-judgemental, and now I have my house back! I feel a huge weight lifted off my mind. I highly recommend them and I'll be calling them again after my husband gets his shed built."

October, 2013

(For home staging advice) "Susan, Thank you. We have found a handy man who has already started the jobs you suggested. I really appreciated your ideas and I will let you know if you need to come again."

September, 2013

"Clutter Cutters was a lifesaver. I sold my home and had only 4 days left to get everything out. I saw Clutter Cutters on the web as I searched for packing & moving help. I was contacted by Susan @ Clutter Cutters. She came and gave me an estimate. The next day she and her employees showed up and de cluttered, sorted, boxed & wrapped fragiles, labeled every box, and did it in just a few hours. They are amazing to see what they can accomplish. I will tell you, hire Clutter Cutters to get the job done! They did for me and it was no small task. Truly a 10!"

September, 2013

"Top Notch Company with excellent, comforting, caring staff. Work very good, I can't complain about 1 thing. I highly recommend them. Call them, you'll be glad you did."

June, 2013

"I must tell everyone about this wonderful business that Susan has started called Clutter Cutters. She came to my house on Tuesday and cleaned our our family room, which was practically wall to wall clutter. For a reasonable sum she and her partner organized everything and hauled off the trash and charity items including quite a bit of furniture! I couldn't be happier. It feels like Christmas to get my family room back. This is the work no maid service would touch and I simply could not manage. If anyone wants to have a miracle in their home I recommend calling Clutter Cutters."

March, 2013

Thank you Clutter Cutters for helping us become more of a minimalist family! And for helping me use the space in my home more effectively! Yay! More relaxed already!”

March, 2013

"Clutter Cutters did a really good job on my basement. When are they coming back to do my garage?"

February, 2013

"Clutter Cutters did an awesome job on my back room. It is very nice and organized."

February, 2013

"They don't just clean- they help you get organized. They made our small spaces more functional, and they look better, too!"

January, 2013

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