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Estimate: You get 1 hour of time free for your estimate, including our travel time. After 1 hour, the cost is $30 per

hour. The average estimate takes about 1 hour of in house time.

If you end up hiring us for a job that totals over $100, you don' t have to pay anything for your estimate!

Custom plans: If you're a do it yourselfer who wants a little guidance, or would like to save some money, ask for

us to help you develop a custom plan for your organization project. We can come to your home or

business, assess your needs with you, and develop a detailed plan on how exactly to attack your clutter, what

to do for each step, how to organize what you have, and suggestions on how to keep it organized. Custom

plans usually take 1-2  hours of in house time and 1-3 hours of planning/typing/research, so generally cost

between $60 - $150 plus cost of fuel to get to you.

Work: We charge $30/hour/person plus cost of materials
(Used boxes (unless you need to keep 10 or more), tape, labels, and small amounts of packing materials are

provided at no extra cost.)

Our hourly rate applies to all our usual activities: sorting, packing/unpacking, inventorying, organizing,

installation, and putting away.

We do not charge for travel time. We do charge for fuel.

10% discount for seniors, families with a military member (active military or veteran), foster parents, or individuals

with a handicap or families with a handicapped member

Unwanted items donated

    -Free unless multiple trips or a trailer are needed. Then we charge for fuel and time at our normal rate.

Trash removal

    -We usually recommend hiring Friendly Hauling Trash Removal. They are great!

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